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Home is Where the Heart IsFull of homespun whimsy and wisdom, HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS celebrates the important role women played in settling the west. An adventurous young lady, Meg Wolverton boards an Orphan Train with a bunch of homeless kids from the New York slums. Arriving in Cheyenne, "Miss Wolfie" (the orphans's nickname for Meg) still needs homes for three orphans. At her wit's end, she appeals to rancher Sam Gallagher, who decides that getting saddled with some of Hell's Kitchen's rejects suits him just fine—as long as "Miss Wolfie" is part of the package! Available in trade paperback and ebook wherever books are sold.

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS "A heartwarming historical romance with a Christian message...well done and not preachy. Faith in God is a part of the characters' lives, not an editorial. Humorous and populated with interesting characters, along with a passionate relationship between the leads, this is a good Western historical romance novel." —4-1/2 Star Review from Affaire de Coeur Magazine.

Survival Strategies For The Holidays


SURVIVAL STRATEGIES FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Wonderful shopping tips, economical menus you can prepare ahead, 30-day menu plan, ways to eliminate stress and have more fun with family and friends during a busy season. [Available as eBook from and Also available in Trade Paperback from author –]

AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS ~ Easter Dramatic Readings Barbara Dan combines her creative skills as a playwright and her knowledge of the Bible and customs at that At The Foot Of The Crosstime, to examine the impact Jesus’ life and death on the Cross had on those who made their way outside the city walls of Jerusalem to witness His Crucifixion. Each character speaks from his/her spiritual need and/or moral dilemma in ways that connect with today’s audiences. These twelve skits are designed for use in a variety of settings, as a catalyst for sermons, discussion, or public performance during Lent. Portrayed are The Rich Young Ruler; The Son of a Thief; Andrew and Peter; Princess Salome; Lazarus, Martha and Mary; Caiaphas the High Priest; the Gambler (soldier); Joseph of Arimathea and Pilate; John Mark; Mary the Mother of Jesus; Nicodemus; and Gamaliel. [Available in eBook and Trade Paperback from West Bow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Also available in spiral bound Large Print edition from author –]


Behold! The Lamb of GodBEHOLD! THE LAMB OF GOD
Easter Passover Seder Service for Christians by John Dan. Revisions and Editing by Barbara Dan
Bringing a Christ-centered perspective to the ancient Hebrews’ observance of the Passover, this Maundy Thursday Seder Service provides an extraordinarily rich worship experience for all Christians. [Available in eBook from West Bow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Also available in Trade Paperback from author –]

Power to ChangePOWER TO CHANGE. By Family Therapist John Dan, M.A., M.Div.  In Power to Change, Christian pastor and therapist John Dan demonstrates why conversion is so essential to our salvation! He also uses graphs to depict Christ’s work on the Cross and what precisely took place to emancipate, empower and bring about genuine and lasting change, a process often described as being “born again.” For the first time, the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity is made understandable to the average Christian, as Pastor Dan examines the role of each Person of the Holy Trinity in bringing about spiritual healing and transformation. [Currently available only in hardcover; for information, contact author’s widow, Barbara Dan, at]


John Dan"It's a great book. . .(about) the marriage of the Bible and behavioral science. . .I thoroughly enjoyed it. You've got to read it!" —Lillian McMorris, Talk Show Host, AM Southern Nevada Channel 5 TV, Las Vegas .

"POWER TO CHANGE . . . reflects many years of research and practical ministry. It will find a wide market among those who are interested in mental, spiritual and social wholeness."  —Dr. Bill Thomas, Evangelist

"POWER TO CHANGE addresses what I see to be the very heart of our national dilemma. . . the moral anarchy of our contemporary society which, I believe, derives from our abandonment of God in our thinking." —Dr. Richard C. Halverson, former Chaplain of the U.S. Senate. 

"Truly a useful and thoughtful book, to be read and re-read." —Dr. John Hinkle, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"John Dan writes about change . . . not just rearranging the chairs, but change with substance and at the spiritual core of our being. This book can create new possibilities for you." —Chaplain Jerome Blankenship, Ordained United Methodist Clergy; Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center , Las Vegas

"Refreshing . . . I highly recommend POWER TO CHANGE to counselors and pastors alike, who will be helped by its insights and clarity of expression." —Rev. Kenneth Kliever, retired Regional Minister, American Baptist Churches of Arizona

Power to ChoosePOWER TO CHOOSE
"True Stories of Tragedy and Triumph
By John Dan and Barbara Dan

"John Dan is a marriage and family therapist who undergirds his philosophy of hope and help with biblical principles. He is on the right track, offering genuine help to understanding the source for the true power to change." —Gene Appel, Senior Minister, Central Christian Church.
In this timely book, family therapist John Dan and his wife Barbara Dan share the stories of men and women who found themselves in circumstances over which, seemingly, they had little or no control, and show how they discovered the strength to move forward, using the unlimited spiritual resources of their faith. When gangs and street crime and drugs threaten to destroy our youth, when domestic abuse and senseless violence are tearing apart the fabric of society, when even the most devout Christian home isn’t safe from the effects of living in a godless society, we need a personal faith that can stand the test against all the heartbreak and overwhelming tragedy and loss. When life seems out of control, when your heart is broken beyond repair, when strength fails and seemingly there are no answers. . .you still have the POWER TO CHOOSE how to deal with life experiences more effectively. [Available in eBook format from and affiliates, including Apple, Barnes & Noble, Also available in trade paperback from Barbara Dan at]

Vicky, God's Angel in Our Midst VICKY: GOD'S ANGEL IN OUR MIDST. Written following the SIDS death of her fourth child, as a tribute to Vicky’s brief life at seven months, and to offer other grieving parents practical words of comfort about how, despite the initial shock, the author and her family found the strength to move past their grief, loss and pain. A story of faith and loving support. [Available in trade paperback; contact author Barbara Dan at]

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