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These exciting new Historical Romance novels by award-winning author, Barbara Dan. Ebooks available at and affiliates, Apple, kobo, Barnes & Noble eNook, Android, Diesel, Library Direct, and in over 51 countries. Trade Paperbacks are available from Trade paperbacks and ebooks available wherever books are sold.

BEST KEPT SECRETS This lively historical western romance is Book #3 in the popular Happy Valley Series. No one in Happy Valley ever suspected Walker Simmons’ deep, dark secret.  Indeed, how could they? Easy going, well liked, and dependable, Walker is just your average, easy-going cowboy who never married – though a few young ladies cast a hopeful eye in his direction. But all that changes one bone-chilling morning in 1889 when the Gunderson ranch is under siege by outlaws. Walker barely manages to rescue his best friend's wife, Mitzi. Torn between grief for his friend and secretly in love with Mitzi for years, Walker hopes to win her heart, while rebuilding her ranch. Walker convinces the young widow that with a ranch to run and a young son to raise, she needs a man around the place.  It isn't long before the sparks begin to fly between these two!  Available in EBook ISBN # 9781370082063 from Smashwords and Kindle: $3.99. Also online in Trade Paperback ISBN 13:978-1548687564, $14.95.


Roundup The BridesROUNDUP THE BRIDES by award winning author Barbara Dan -  Historical Western Romance - Release date: March 1, 2017 - Publisher: CreateSpace. Description:  English playboy, Stuart Braden, is on a mission to discover untold riches in the wilds of 1889 Wyoming, when he uncovers a treasure more valuable than gold . . . But from the instant he sets eyes on the beautiful Suzanne Gallagher, the path to winning this lively young lady's heart is fraught with peril. First the stagecoach he's sharing with the enchanting Miss Suzanne gets held up, putting a crimp in his wooing. Disposing of the outlaws—he with his Colt .45 and she with her trusty Smith & Wesson—Stuart eagerly tracks her down in Happy Valley, where her family and neighbors are preparing for the annual roundup and cattle drive. But alas! Courting this feisty rancher's daughter soon presents an even greater test of his manly skills, when hired gunmen launch a surprise attack, aimed at taking over the ranchers' lands, cattle and water rights by deadly force. Caught in the middle of a range war, the ranchers are seriously outnumbered. Somehow these ruthless killers must be put out of business, permanently. Trust the wily Stuart to come up with a solution only Cupid would approve! Ebook ISBN 9781370610631. Available wherever books are sold. Ebook, $3.99 (Smashwords, Kindle, etc.); 6X9 Paperback, $14.99 (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.)

Home is Where the Heart IsHOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, has just been released!: Full of homespun wisdom, it celebrates the important role women played in settling the west.  An adventurous young lady, Meg Wolverton boards an Orphan Train with a bunch of homeless kids from the New York slums. Arriving in Cheyenne, "Miss Wolfie"(as the orphans call her) still needs homes for three orphans. At her wit's end, she appeals to rancher Sam Gallagher, who decides that getting saddled with some of Hell's Kitchen's rejects suits him just fine-as long as "Miss Wolfie" is part of the part of the package!   "A heartwarming historical romance with a Christian message...well done and not preachy. Faith in God is a part of the characters' lives,not an editorial. Humorous and populated with interesting characters, along with a passionate relationship between the leads, this is a good Western historical romance novel."   "" —4-1/2 Star Review from Affaire de Coeur Magazine.. Available in Trade Paperback, $14.95, and eBook, $3.99. [Published by Amazon in Trade Paperback, $14.95, and by Smashwords and Kindle in eBook format, $3.99.]



PETTICOAT WARRIOR ~ Civil War Historical Romance ~Searching for her abolitionist father, who has been captured by Lee’s men in Virginia, Dr. Sarah dresses as a male in order to get accepted into the Union Army Medical Corps. On the battlefield she serves with Dr. Gabe McKissack, who quickly sees through her disguise. As they work together to save lives, the attraction blossoms into a full blown love affair that results in the birth of their son nine months later. Even though madly in love with Gabe, this feisty young suffragist stubbornly refuses to marry until New York laws are changed and women get the vote! Plenty of fireworks as Gabe resorts to trickery to win her over in this lively battle of the sexes. PETTICOAT WARRIOR received a 4-1/2 STAR Review from Romantic Times!!. Here's a partial review: "Dan's Civil War historical romance is a fast-paced, adventurous novel which will appeal to readers of all genres. The author's references to the late 1800s are on-point, factual and quite interesting. Engaging from start to finish—a perfect blend of history and intrigue. Available in Trade Paperback, $15.95, and eBook, $3.99. " Full review is at:[Published by Amazon in Trade Paperback, $15.95, and by Smashwords and Kindle in eBook format, $3.99.]

O’ROURKE’S BRIDE ~ Historical Western Romance ~ When Irish actor, Peter O’Rourke finds himself stranded in Virginia City, Nevada, he figures it’s time to get a “real job,” at least till he can get back to civilization. Unfortunately life takes an unexpected turn when Kate McGillacutty, just arrived from Chicago , gets in a heated argument with her father Homer who owns a silver mine and wants his daughter married off so he can get him a few male grandkids to take over the mine before he cocks up his toes. Defiantly Kate insists on picking her future husband from the bums passed out in front of the Bucket of Blood Saloon, and Homer calls her bluff. Imagine O’Rourke’s surprise when he wakes up to find out he’s Kate’s chosen victim! Of course, he needs work and will agree to almost anything, but—Please, Lord, not her!  Never were two prodigals more deserving of each other, as they head off into the Sierra Nevada mountains , O’Rourke flexing his muscles as a fledgling lumberjack, and Kate slinging hash in the cookshack! Kate slinging hash in the cook shack and plotting revenge. “Funny and entertaining.” —Romantic Times [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle; avail. in Trade Paperback from Amazon.]


MACGREGOR'S BRIDE ~ War of 1812 Historical Romance ~ One foggy morning Captain, Bruce MacGregor eludes the British blockade and sails 4-Star Review from Romantic Times: “Funny and entertaining!”  MACGREGOR'S BRIDE ~ "A SIZZLING LOVE STORY ON THE HIGH SEAS!" Captain Bruce MacGregor sails boldly past the British war ships blocking New London harbor during the War of 1812, never suspecting his life is about to change dramatically. When Bruce arrives on Lydia Master's doorstep to deliver the news of a fellow sea captain's death, all hell breaks loose. Not only doesn't her husband's death seem to phase her, nothing can compare to her scandalous hot attraction for this handsome sea captain! To hide her wicked feelings and send him on his way, she picks a quarrel, but this rascally survivor of twenty skirmishes against the British navy is not about to get chased off by such a beautiful, hot-blooded young shrew. A bestselling riotous romp that will warm the cockles of your heart!  [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle; available in Trade Paperback from Amazon.]


Silent AngelSILENT ANGEL ~ Western Romance. ~ Review: “Silent Angelis a touching compelling love story. A wonderful romance! Barbara Dan is a terrific storyteller.” — Bobbie Smith , New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author.  Following the tragic murders of her family on the Oregon Trail, Jennifer Keating is found barely clinging to life by Fort Laramie's 2nd Cavalry. Unable to speak, due to the trauma and shock of her ordeal, Jenny determinedly picks up the pieces of her shattered life. As she embarks on her difficult journey back from the edge of unspeakable tragedy, Jenny faces many challenges, as she fights to reclaim her sense of personal worth. Somehow she must build a new life for herself . . . and for the twin sons who are born as a result of this brutal attack. The story’s strong appeal and energy grow out of the heroine’s courageous and at times hilarious methods of handling the problems life presents. As she hires on as cook on a cattle drive, she has to contend with rambunctious cowboys and rancher Matt McCaleb, who takes a shine to her right away. Throughout her emotional struggle, Matt champions her cause, but even though he comes to love her deeply, he is helpless to fight the demons that threaten to keep her from lasting happiness. This she must do for herself. [Note: Silent Angel received RWA Colorado “Heart of the Rockies” 1992 Award for Best Historical Romance.]

 [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle; available in Trade Paperback from Amazon.]


The OutcastTHE OUTCAST: THE LONG ROAD BACK ~ Historical Romance ~ After a bitter divorce, Alex MacLachlan finds himself socially ostracized by friends and family. Heartsick, he travels the world until one day in early 1913 he come ashore, thousands of miles from home, in the small rural town of , Oregon. Fighting alcohol addiction, this 26-year-old black sheep son of a prominent New York banker, is befriended by the local doctor and his beautiful daughter Emily, who encourages him to believe that even a man with a checkered past can find forgiveness and a new life. A powerful love story about acceptance, healing and reconciliation against a fascinating backdrop of early Oregon’s cultural and historic events. [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle; available in Trade Paperback for $15.95 from Amazon.] CLICK HERE! to check out the YouTube Video for my novel, THE OUTCAST: THE LONG ROAD HOME.



Lady In Pink TightsLADY IN PINK TIGHTS ~ Historical Western Romance ~ On special assignment to capture a gang of gold robbers in Deadwood, South Dakota, Pinkerton detective John McBain (against better judgment) teams up with redheaded musical star Miss Nellie Armstrong to retrieve the gold stolen from her theatrical troupe. With her zany “help,” McBain soon finds his investigation and, indeed, his sanity turned upside down!  1876 Comedy Adventure-Romance in the Badlands. [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle; available in Trade Paperback for $14.95 from Amazon.]



Family Friends and LoversFAMILY FRIENDS AND LOVERS – Contemporary Romance ~ Is there such a thing as being too wrapped up in the lives of your children? When Giselle McKissack, an attractive 45 year-old widow living on a shoestring while helping her daughter Vicky get through college accepts a job belly-dancing at a 50th birthday party thrown for San Francisco executive, Brian Haggerty—who used to belong to her late husband’s church!—she can only hope he doesn’t recognize her under all those flowing veils and heavy make-up! This humorous tale about two families, his and hers, shows how complicated life can become, as Giselle and Brian fall deeply in love, yet find themselves forever at the beck and call of their children, grandchildren, and aging parents. Will they ever find time for each other? Or must they sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of the common good? [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle; available in Trade Paperback from Amazon.]


Trouble In Paradise

TROUBLE IN PARADISE –  Contemporary Romantic Suspense ~ Everyone at her lavish wedding is caught by surprise when Blair Somers calls a halt to the proceedings and discloses the fact that her fiancé and her maid of honor have been having an affair behind her back. As she leaves the church, a tall elegantly dressed man with dark hair and a provocative smile steps forward and introduces himself as Chris Gallagher and whisks her away from the scene in his Lambourghini. Chris, she soon learns, is investigating several suspicious fires set in commercial buildings belonging to her ex-fiance, Alec, who also owns several time-share condos in Cancun and has taken out a large life insurance policy on Blair. Totally fascinated by this sexy P.I., Blair agrees to go with him to Cancun , even though she doubts Alec is capable of committing fraud, arson and possibly murder [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle.]


Fair Winds To JamaicaFAIR WINDS TO JAMAICA – Historical Romance, Book I of a 2-book series (1697-1698) Forced into a loveless marriage to an old pirate, Rosalyn Morgan, the spitfire daughter of a Boston sailmaker, sheds not one tear when he drops dead at the wedding reception. Inheriting a share in the Fair Winds, she must next contend with her late husband’s hatefully handsome son, Grant Waterman, who resents sharing his inheritance with her. Determined to escape her father, who will surely marry her off again in another of his nefarious business schemes, she invites her friend Mercy Wallins to sail away with her in Part I of this nautical tale. She hopes to grow wealthy as part owner in the Fair Winds, but her new “stepson” is not above a few tricks of his own, as he takes them on a perilous journey where they encounter pirates in the Caribbean and a slave uprising in Jamaica nearly costs them their lives. [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle.]


Fair Winds To MuscovyFAIR WINDS TO MUSCOVY – Historical Romance, Book II of this 2-book series
Following Rosalyn’s rescue from the Jamaican slave rebellion, Grant and the girls set sail for England carrying a cargo of tobacco, rum and sugar. A chance meeting in London with Peter the Great leads to being invited to Russia to deliver tobacco and other valuable products. Arriving in Moscow in the midst of an attempted coup, Grant and Rosalyn and Mercy are delayed in leaving Russia . When Mercy falls in love with a dashing Cossack and gets pregnant, Grant begs Rosalyn to leave her friend, but the stubborn wench refuses. Pursuing the girls to a remote border region, he finds Mercy dying after giving birth to an infant daughter. Fleeing with Mercy’s baby, Rosalyn and Grant are captured by Swedish troops and facing certain death, Rosalyn finally confesses her love to Grant, but does her confession come too late? Swashbuckling adventure romance on the high seas! [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle.]


A Bold Wager

A BOLD WAGER ~ Romantic Regency/Mystery ~ When Persia Montello bets against the high-strung racehorse her late father bred but could never win a race with, she had every expectation of rescuing herself from poverty. But Lord Wildemere, the horse’s new owner, must have had a few tricks up his sleeve, because the horse streaks to the finish line, winning handily. Persia loses her bet and before the night is over, stands accused of injuring the horse and ending his racing career. The earl invites suspects to a house party at his country manor, and suddenly there is also a murder to solve. [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle.]



Chasing The Brass Ring

AUTHOR'S MEMOIR - CHASING THE BRASS RING TO SUCCESS: My Journey to Broadway, Hollywood and Beyond.
Every year thousands of talented young actors, singers, dancers, musicians and artists make the pilgrimage to fame and glory via the bright lights of Broadway. In this tell-all story of her life as a young actress in New York City in the 1950s, and as "Hollywood's Youngest, Sexiest Producer," Barbara Dan successfully opened her own showcase theatre in Hollywood at age 23 to help other actors get discovered by agents, producers and the studios. A few months later she became assistant to the story editor of Shirley Temple Storybook and the Dinah Shore Chevy Show. She also describes meeting many other TV and motion picture actors, cameramen, stunt men and other artists in the industry, including her future husband, actor John Dan. She also shares her own life-changing conversion to Christ through the famous Hollywood Christian Group and provides today's young hopefuls with valuable insights into the darker side of show business and the many pitfalls they are likely to encounter. ISBN 13:978-1492178309 and 10:1492178306. [Available as eBook from Smashbooks or Kindle; available in Trade Paperback from Amazon.]

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