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HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, Western historical novel: AFFAIRE DE COEUR magazine, 4--1/2 Star Review:

“Meg Wolverton is a young Easterner who takes a job as a housekeeper for a rancher in rural Wyoming,1873. Along the way, she’s responsible for seeing orphaned children to their new parent. Three kids, Susie, Davey and Jimmy don’t get adopted, so when she arrives, her new boss, widower Sam Gallagher realizes he has a ready made family and suggest they get married. Meg gets a crash course in being a housewife and mother on the frontier. Can this marriage of convenience complete with adopted children turn into a love match?

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS is a heartwarming historical romance with a Christian message. Meg is readily reliant and has a strong relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, but after his wife and young daughter, Sam has closed his heart to the Lord. However, Meg’s warmth and love for the children and their developing relationship causes him to reconsider his anger toward God. The spiritual message is well done and not preachy. Faith in God is a part of the characters’ lives, not an editorial. Humorous and populated with interesting characters, along with a passionate relationship between the leads, this is a good Western historical romance novel.” —Danielle Hill, reviewer for Affaire de Coeur Magazine, Nov.-Dec. 2015 Issue.                                                            ~ * ~
“Barbara Dan crafts a charming novel that blends history and romance.” — Western Writers of America Round Up Magazine, December 2015 Issue.  5-Star Reviews on Home Is Where the Heart Is:
I enjoy Barbara Dan’s writing. This book is the best yet. I like her characters and their interaction. They are people I would like to know. I’m looking forward to her next book.”    —Anne Shimeall, Oct. 18, 2015

Wonderful Heartwarming Story: This book’s characters are facing tough times, helping each other and becoming stronger in their faith. It really is a great story.”   —J.V.

I truly loved Home Is Where the Heart Is. I was so taken by it I simply did not want it to end! My Dad was raised in Western Nebraska near Hay Springs. He told me many stories from his childhood, and reading your novel brought many happy memories of him and his folks. His mom had a job teaching in a one-room school. It was his job to get up early and saddle his horse and ride to the school and get the fire going to heat the building. Home Is Where the Heart Is kindled many a story from the western rural life that he passed onto me. Thank you so much, Barbara Dan. Reading your book was such a special treat.” —Sharon B. Koehnke Wanner, October 31, 2015

Barbara Dan is such an excellent descriptive writer, it was hard to put down. Home Is Where the Heart Is captures the atmosphere of Wyoming Territory, and the characters involved make the story interesting and exciting.”   —Helen Malone, October 17, 2015

Home Is Where the Heart Is [is] a most delightful tribute to the women who helped establish the West. It brought it alive for me. Great work!”    —Fran Kapsalis, December 11, 2015

Romantic Times 4-1/2 star Review of PETTICOAT WARRIOR(1/6/2015 issue:
“Dan’s Civil War historical romance is a fast-paced, adventurous novel which will appeal to readers of all genres. Gabe and Sarah are a terrific pair who love to disagree almost as much as they adore being in love. The author’s references to the late 1800s are on-point, factual and quite interesting. This story is engaging from start to finish and contains a perfect blend of history and intrigue, which will warm the cockles of your heart and excite you all at once…” 5-Star Reviews by Customers:
“Fast-paced romance with lots of fireworks and humor. Best descriptions of sexual fulfillment I’ve had the pleasure to read. Sarah and Gabe are a fascinating mix of hot headedness and attraction. I laughed a lot as Sarah fought to maintain her independence as a feminist during the Civil War era the story was set in.”
--Sue Habegger

“A delightful romp through the Civil War with two headstrong and amazing protagonists, Sarah and Gabe.”          --Anonymous

REVIEWS of MacGREGOR’S BRIDE (War of 1812 historical romance)
Romantic Times 4-Star Review:“An old-fashioned roller-coaster ride with a strong hero and heroine who come alive on the page. If you enjoy an adventure-filled story, this is for you.” 5-Star Reviews for MACGREGOR’S BRIDE:
I absolutely adored MacGregor in this novel! He is not the typical “Dark, forboding, mysterious” type of hunk that many novelists choose to portray their male love interests. He is gorgeous, yes, but he is also happy, upbeat and absolutely lovable!!!!  This story is very satisfying from beginning to end. If you like a story with a great ending, you will really like this one!!!! —“Romance Lass,” Jennifer

Wonderful writing . . . full of detail and research, a wonderful throwback book to a fantastic period, the war [of 1812] for independence. The hero is a happy-go-lucky . . . all-American hero. Usually I go for the dark tormented hero, but Bruce is so handsome and lovable that I fell in love with him instantly. The heroine, Lydia, is also great . . . I really can’t rave enough about Barbara Dan’s superb prose.    P. G. D.

One of my all-time favorite romances. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! This is one great book. I’ve read it twice, and I never do that. I couldn’t put it down. It’s a must-have for all romance story lovers.”      
David B. Yerkie, Spring Lake, MI

A high spirited romance about a strapping sea captain and his love-starved war bride during the War of 1812.”  —John Przybys, Feature Writer, Las Vegas Review Journal

REVIEW of contemporary eBook TROUBLE IN PARADISE: “Loved the cover. The book reads like a dream.”   — Ray Hoy, author of Jack Frost mystery thrillers

REVIEWS of SILENT ANGEL, Western Historical Romance:
Bobbie Smith, NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Author:  “Silent Angel is a touching, compelling love story. A wonderful romance! Barbara Dan is a terrific storyteller.”

Customer Review (arlomore), 5-Star Review of Silent Angel at CreateSpace:Silent Angel is a delightful novel written by Barbara Dan. She describes the lives of pioneers with great detail—it’s the next best thing to being there. I love the way she develops her characters and storyline — it will make you laugh and cry. She keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Once I started reading this, I couldn’t put it down! I will certainly explore her other novels and look forward to reading more from this wonderful author. She is truly an artist who paints with words.”

Customer Review (jchapman: “What a pleasant surprise!  When I started reading, I couldn’t stop. My husband would say, ‘Are you coming to bed?’ I’d say, ‘In a minute.’ Even 2 or 3 hours after I finished reading Silent Angel, it was so real that I kept wondering about the twins growing up and weather in Montana. A most enjoyable read.”

REVIEWS of O’ROURKE’S BRIDE (1864 Historical Western Romance):

Bobbi Smith, NY Times bestselling author: “A fun, fast-moving read. Barbara Dan is a talent to watch!”

Romantic Times 4-1/2 Star Review: “An enjoyable marriage of (in)convenience set amid a majestic mountain range . . . funny and entertaining, as the battle of the sexes heats up in more ways than one. Hot!” Customer Reviews: 5-Star Reviews, including:
Witty, Sexy, Irish West Romance! Barbara Dan treats romance fans with a brand new rip-roaring western romance with sexy passionate Irish characters that are very much like a mixture of two all-time favorite John Wayne movies, The Quiet Man and McClintock.” —Beverly Romance Books, St. Petersburg, FL
Great Characterization. I haven’t enjoyed a book so much in a long time. It is set in a part of the country I know, so that was fun, but there is nothing trite or contrived about how this book unfolds. I especially enjoyed O’Rourke.”    — Jane Jordan, Boise, Idaho

“A Delightful Romp! You will not be bored with this book! [It’s] romantic, humorous, and hard to put down. You wonder what is the beautiful, hot-tempered, impetuous Kate going to do now?! From start to finish, the book entertains, while giving you your money’s worth (and then some!) in the romance department. On a scale of milk toast to hot chili peppers, this book’s romantic heat leans more toward the peppers. A spicy romance with wit aplenty!  —“Tigger,” Wood Village, OR

Love Western Romances Book Review Online:  “Barbara Dan has written about cultures clashing: western vs. eastern vs. British cultures, all set in the bawdy, boisterous and booming times of Virginia City (NV), 1864. There is a good deal of passion and wit in this fun book.”


“BARBARA DAN’s accomplished and varied background includes teaching script writing, ghost writing, serving as a small-press editor, and publishing nonfiction. [Her] Western romance, Silent Rage of Angels [now retitled SILENT ANGEL], won the Best Historical Award from Romance Writers of Colorado in 1992.  O’Rourke’s Bride (Kensington/Zebra, October 2006) is … set in Virginia City during the mining boom of the 1860s, [and] involves a sham marriage, lumbermen, miners and the theatre.”


“[Barbara Dan’s] new novel is infused with local history…the strength of community and [how] good neighbors encourage each other in time of need. The Outcast: The Long Road Back is the author’s fictionalized account of her grandfather’s arrival in Salem in 1913 and how the people he met created the space to put his life in order... When] towering, 6-foot-8 Alex...meets the love of his life, Emily, the two begin a relationship that sees Alex through his recovery [from alcoholism]...[and] helps him change his life. In some ways … [The Outcast] is a journey similar to [her] grandfather’s more than a century ago. People back then [pitched in]…benefitted the whole community.”  —Eric A. Howald, Ed., Keizer Times, July 13, 2012.

“I loved The Outcast: The Long Road Back. I loved all the Oregon history, too!”  --Anne Shimeall                               

“Hollywood, a town that has broken more hearts than Las Vegas, routinely sends out its siren song to the starry-eyed show business wannabes of the world, and when they answer, it draws then in and sucks them dry, just like its glittering counterpart in the Nevada desert. “Oh, ‘Tinsel Town’ does reward a few of the dreamers—less than one percent—with success, often unbelievable success. The remaining ninety-nine percent get trapped, stripped and spit out in short order.

Chasing the Brass Ring to Success is a story of one of those ‘one per-centers’—author Barbara Dan—who, as a young woman, managed to get a start as an actress in New York, then headed west to Hollywood with the dream of becoming a movie star.

Chasing the Brass Ring to Success is a fascinating, lay-it-on-the-line story that reveals what this idealistic young woman needed, not only to survive the pitfalls, but to thrive in Hollywood: determination, talent, a sense of fair play, high moral standards, ingenuity and cunning. And win she did, as she was soon known as ‘Hollywood’s Youngest, Sexiest Producer,’ and she did it without selling her soul to the Show Business Devils. This is just a great read.”  —Ray Hoy, Producer, Misty Mountain Global, 

“I loved your book, Chasing the Brass Ring to Success, and am passing it on. What a witness!”—Marguerite Amaya, author of Archways, Walkways and Cafés: Reflections of a Volunteer in Israel              

Authors Note:   TRY THIS FUN FUND-RAISING IDEA: E-Mail received after Parrots’ Club Silent Auction for Charity featuring <b>O’ROURKE’S BRIDE and MacGREGOR’S BRIDE:  “I tried so hard to outbid Nancy S. on the basket of Barbara Dan’s books, photograph, champagne, and everything. I got up to $70 and I was going for $80, but Nancy was breaking my arm . . . REALLY! She wanted that basket so much, she was hollering at me that she hasn’t been able to find Barbara Dan’s books. So after a scuffle I let her have it!!!! What fun!”                                                          —Love you, Audrey P., Granada Hills, CA.

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